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Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club)’, is an Energy Conservation Club that focuses on bringing about a first-hand realisation of the energy crisis in the country. We believe that the youth can contribute in propagating the message of Energy Conservation. It reaches out to school children (Classes V – VIII), on issues relating to energy and resources, and the importance of conserving energy.  The main objective is to sensitize and advocate judicious use of electricity across all sections of the society.

We are now running this program in 182 schools across various states in India. As we work towards establishing our network in your region, we would like you to join us in our Offline Contact Programme in the meantime.  We request you to engage your Science / EVS teachers as Mentors to educate students on energy conservation, encourage them to curb wasteful usage of energy and urge them to sensitize others – as defined in our Energy Conservation Booklets.

You and your school can be a part of this programme by simply contacting us through phone or by e-mail!  Come join the movement to spread the message of Energy Conservation. The Offline Contact Programme has following three phases -

Phase 1: Sensitization
Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) is approached by the respective school through website, phone, word of mouth, etc. Our representative issues the Energy Conservation kit for the school.

Teachers will be appointed as Energy Mentors who in turn will sensitize the students after receiving the Energy Conservation kit. Students will be encouraged to become members of the club through our website.

The Energy Conservation kit comprises of:

  • Energy Conservation Booklets
  • Energy-saving tips
  • Energy Calculator
  • Guidelines for activities such as Poster and Essay competitions on themes related to Energy Conservation.

Phase 2: Impact Assessment
Every student shall be encouraged to adopt the suggested practices and reduce energy consumption in their homes. For evaluating the success of the program the student shall submit Photostat copies of their bills for the month before and after the sensitization. This helps the club understand if the member student has learnt, practiced and shown saving. The effectiveness of the student’s conservation efforts will be assessed by the decrease in number of units of electricity consumed and he/she will be called an Energy Champion! The prestigious title of ‘Energy Champion’ is awarded to those students who show energy saving.  Poster Competition shall be introduced at this stage and students will be awarded.

Phase 3: Secondary Sensitization
Students are urged to share the knowledge they have gained through the program by sensitizing others and providing proof of their outreach efforts by obtaining names, signatures and bill copies of those they sensitize. They will be called Energy Ambassadors when they reach out to people and further sensitize them.

So, hurry and get your school join in this exciting movement of Energy Conservation for a brighter future.

For more information you can contact us at:

Email -
Telephone - (91 22) 6665 8282

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