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Energy Conservation Programme with schools

The Energy Conservation Programme with schools was initiated in Mumbai by The Tata Power Company Limited in July 2007. The objective of the programme was to sensitize schoolchildren about mitigating the energy crisis in the city by curbing wasteful usage of electrical energy.

The programme comprised a film provided by Tata Power highlighting common areas of energy wastage and measures to control such wastage. This was followed by a Power Point Session which explained energy and power, generation and distribution of electrical power, the interpretation of electricity bills, examples of common high-power home appliances / devices, optimizing the use of these devices on a day-to-day basis, limiting the use of these devices to off-peak hours, dependence on fossil fuels, limitations of fossil fuel reserves and alternative sources of energy. The schoolchildren were then taken on a guided tour of the Tata Thermal Power Generating Station at Trombay to show them the enormous amount of capital and resources necessary to generate power for the city. After the 2 audio-visual sessions and the Plant Visit, the assimilation and understanding levels of students was assessed by a quiz on the concepts discussed. The top 10 performers on the quiz were pronounced Energy Champions from each school. A letter was sent to the parents of every Energy Champion informing them about the performance of their child in this initiative and seeking their encouragement to help their child achieve his/her goal. The programme was carried out in 12 schools.

Encouraged by the initial response, Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) covered 28 schools across Mumbai and Belagum in 2008. The total primary sensitization numbers were 11,417 who in turn reached out to a secondary sensitization of 26,922 citizens. The students were enthusiastically involved in workshop and campaigns to understand the crisis and work towards reducing energy wastage.

Today, in 2009, Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) became a national movement and covered more than 250 schools across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Belgaum, Jamshedpur and Lonavla  on the subject of energy conservation. To spark off a youth initiative for curbing energy wastage through active measures it has also been inducted college students in Mumbai and Pune this year. Over one million citizens have been sensitized and a phenomenal saving of more than one million units has been achieved by the members of the club. Today it has grown into a nationwide movement bringing together the youth, parents, teachers and the society at large!

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