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How to be an Energy Champion

The Energy Conservation Programme has been introduced in a number of schools in Mumbai and the easiest way to become an Energy Champion would be to enroll in this Programme in school, if your school is a participant in it.

If your school is not yet involved in this Programme and has still not realized the pressing need to save energy, you could bring a ray of hope by discussing this with your school authorities and getting them to see the light.

Super kids do big things by making small beginnings.

You can also complete the online form and join the Tata Power Energy Club and take the first step to become an Energy Champion.

To be an Energy Champion you need to have a strong conviction and commitment to the cause and start spreading this awareness among your family, friends and neighbors, while actually following the guidelines to reduce power consumption and energy wastage in home and at school.

The YOUTH are our FUTURE; the WORLD depends on YOU!

Every Energy Champion will have to take the pledge (given below) and keep an energy audit while ensuring that all the do’s and don’ts to save energy are followed carefully. In addition, the Energy Champions will have to select two members to their team, from among schoolmates and friends and get them also to monitor their power consumption in an effort to reduce its use and wastage, as will be reflected in their electricity bills. In this way a chain reaction would take effect and soon whole communities and the society at large will be involved.
What an exciting challenge this is for you to have your name up in lights as you strive to preserve the earth!

Quite simply, ANYONE CAN BECOME AN ENERGY CHAMPION by following these guidelines:

  1. Read the Energy Saving Tips carefully and adhere to them closely.
  2. Monitor your electricity consumption every month and make a conscious and deliberate effort to reduce your energy consumption at home and at school.
  3. Enlist the help of two of your colleagues or friends in your mission and encourage them to save energy in much the same manner as you do, which will reflect in their electricity bills.
  4. Campaign for the cause and spread awareness about Energy Conservation by talking to your relatives, neighbours and friends, educating them and distributing publicity material like posters, fliers, stickers etc.

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