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AboutClub Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club)’:

With the increasing demand for ENERGY, effective management and conservation of the same has become the need of the hour. Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) believes in involving the youth, the decision makers of tomorrow, who will play a vital role in not only propagating efficient usage of energy but also furthering the larger cause of educating the society on climate change issues and helping build a greener and safer tomorrow.

Recognizing the immense value that schools and schoolchildren can bring to the initiative and taking due consideration of this urgent need, Tata Power started an innovative and interactive conservation program Club Enerji, involving the youths i.e. school children, to propagate efficient usage of energy and to educate the society on climate change issues in 2007.

Club Enerji started with a pilot program of educating and sensitizing 12 schools in Mumbai in 2007 and sensitized 6000 students in 12 schools across Mumbai.

Encouraged by the initial response, Club Enerji covered 28 schools across Mumbai and Belgaum in 2008. The total primary sensitization numbers were 11,417 who in turn reached out to a secondary sensitization of 26,922 citizens. The students were enthusiastically involved in workshop and campaigns to understand the crisis and work towards reducing energy wastage.

In 2009, Club Enerji became a national movement and covered more than 250 schools across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Belgaum, Jamshedpur and Lonavla on the subject of energy conservation. To spark off a youth initiative for curbing energy wastage through active measures it has also been inducting college students in Mumbai and Pune this year. Over one million citizens have been sensitized and a phenomenal saving of more than one million units has been achieved by the members of the club. Today it has grown into a nationwide movement bringing together the youth, parents, teachers and the society at large!

In 2009, the Club Enerji also launched the Megawatt Millionaire Program, an advanced training program for its energy champions to reach out to more citizens across the country. Besides schools and colleges, the Club is now actively joining hands with other partners like Rotary Club of Mumbai, Housing Societies and other communities to voice the message of energy conservation.

In 2010, the Club reached out to 285 schools nationwide, sensitised over 11 lakh citizens and saved more than 2.4 million units. It has received over 26,895 Energy Champions, 39,356 Energy Ambassadors and 154 self-sustaining Mini Energy Clubs in 2010.

In 2011, the Club reached out to 285 schools nationwide, sensitised over 1.55 lakh citizens and saved more than 2.8 million units. It has received over 25,348 Energy Champions, 26,273 Energy Ambassadors and 1029 self-sustaining Mini Energy Clubs in 2011.

The Club has reached out to more than 400 schools across India, sensitised more than 3.7 million citizens, saved more than 6.2 million units, has received more than 66,150 Energy Champions and 98,647 Energy Ambassadors till date.

TPEC provides the ground for youth to share and expand their understanding, and bring about a chain-reaction that can significantly reduce wastage of energy. With adequate publicity, the Club will sensitize maximum number of citizens across country, and the spark can turn into a spreading flame of enthusiasm to protect our resources and environment.

Awards & Recognition

  • ‘Club Enerji’, has been bestowed the Asian Leadership Award for ‘Environmental Leadership and Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practice’, 2011.
  • ‘Best Marketing Campaign of the Year’ Award by CMO Asia Awards 2011 at Singapore. The Best Marketing Campaign of the Year award is bestowed to recognize a firm/organization for designing a powerful and successful energy conservation campaign.
  • Bestowed the ‘Most Innovative Campaign’ award at USA’s The Energy Daily’s 2010 Leadership Awards.
  • The Association of Business Communicators of India has bestowed a gold award on the Club for Environmental Communications in 2010
  • Ranked 2nd among 22 participants in Earth Care category for Siemens Ecovative Award 2010.


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